What Food Musicians Need for Better Stage Presence?

Singers may tend to have poor eating habits due to busy lifestyle. Simple carbohydrates, caffeine, salt and sugar typically with their choice of food when stopping at a fast-food joint or at a convenience store. However, regardless of the demanding lifestyle, it is still important to maintain a good diet that is packed with beta-carotene which you can find awesome information as well on velgenklere.

Fortunately, there are also tips that are science-based to live healthily despite the busy lifestyle and frequent travels.


Awareness of Beverage

If you are a singer, then you certainly heard a thousand times already that drinking milk prior the performance may result to negative impact to your voice. Aside from that though, carbonated beverages may have the same effect too likely causing hiccups as well as burping on the mic.

Rather than drinking milk or soda, it is ideal to drink water instead. Music will keep your throat dry even if you are not singing. Our body has poor dehydration system. So by the time that you are feeling thirsty, you are already low on fluids and beginning to lose faster on stage.

Consider Essential Fatty Acids

Foods that contain essential fatty acids are promoting proper brain function, which is what a musician needs and everyone else for that matter. Three of the popular sources of essential fatty acids are olive oil, walnuts and avocados.

Fill up with Whole Grains

Oatmeal, brown rice and whole grain bread are forming the base of good meal, which can fill you up throughout the day.

This makes whole grains an awesome studio food that can prepare you for an entire day while keeping you focused and active. Sugary foods on the other hand shall be kept at bay. Sweet metabolizes almost immediately and it triggers the body to have a “crash” after it has burnt all sugars away.

Complex carbs that are provided by whole grains are released slowly for over the course of day. On the other hand, quick pick-me-up of simple sugars may be very helpful when performing on stage where your body needs short and intense burst of energy.


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