All About Music For Cats

All About Music For Cats

Music moves you. This is because acoustic signals are immediately converted into feelings in the human brain. But does music have the same effect on your furry friends, does it trigger similar reactions in kitties?

How do cats hear music?

Cats are excellent hunters, all of their senses are sharpened. Not only can they approach their prey silently on quiet soles, but they can also feel the environment more intensively through special whiskers on their front paws. They perceive even the smallest vibrations that humans don’t even notice. Cats are purring seismographs.

In the animal kingdom, feline hearing is among the best. It is so well pronounced that they can hear even the tiniest whine of a mouse.

Even when they dream, they hear. This is essential for survival. In the wild, they would be easy prey for their enemies while they were asleep. So kitties definitely perceive music as quiet as possible.

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Sensitive Hearing

Eyes can be closed, but ears unfortunately not. Anyone who shares their home with a furry friend has probably already noticed that the kitty isn’t so keen when things suddenly get loud. Then house tigers quickly flee off to a quieter corner.

The cat’s hearing is exceptionally sensitive even better than dog hearing. Their pinnae are large, flexible funnels made up of 64 individual muscles. This allows them to turn their listeners independently of each other in all directions at lightning speed.

Hair dryers for cats: Music has a calming effect in cats during grooming

Music is a sound that affects feelings. Music is therefore successfully used in many veterinary practices and clinics to take away the fear of the animals and to make their visit to the vet easier. And it works when using hair dryers for cats during grooming.

Certain music has a calming effect on cats in particular. When cats listen to this music, you can literally see how they relax even “battle hangovers” become calmer.

In addition, relaxation music is suitable when your cat is exposed to stressful or unfamiliar circumstances. Prime examples are a long car ride or the holidays. It is not very famous with many velvet paws.

What music is suitable for cats?

“Species Appropriate” music

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have taken a close look at cat music. It examined how different cats react to different pieces of music that are actually composed for human ears.

The result is that there is actually a certain type of music that the majority of kitties like particularly well, namely that which is particularly pleasant to cats’ ears. Kitties therefore prefer music that is easy on their ears.


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