Blinds vs Curtains: The Battle For Soundproofing Your Room


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Among the most difficult regions of space to soundproof is your window. I have attempted both tattered drapes and soundproof dividers, however have wondered that will be better. I did a little bit of studying to discover.


Thus, soundproof drapes or blinds: which of them works? Ordinarily, soundproof drapes work better compared to soundproof blinds since they are thicker and have greater mass. Additionally, soundproof drapes are larger and so get the job done better since they protect a much bigger surface area, making it tougher to allow sound waves.


While soundproof drapes and blinds usually function to treat acoustics as opposed to blocking audio, they may nonetheless be helpful in virtually all soundproofing jobs.

Within this article, I consider if soundproof drapes or blinds operate better, in addition to the reasons why they will assist in your soundproofing job.


Which works best, soundproof drapes or blinds?


This past year, I wrote a manual on soundproofed curtains that contained how to select one. Here, I am attempting to upgrade the info and include dividers that I hadn’t covered previously.


Soundproof drapes or jazzy dividers are two terms that are thrown about a lot and do not really refer to genuinely soundproof products. Curtains, as an instance, are often only heavy drapes instead of being produced from soundproof fabric.


Practically, there are not many products in there which are soundproof, and cloth generally is not among these, irrespective of how thick it really is. For correctly soundproof materials you would need to have a take a look at things such as a thick concrete wall socket, or something such as mass loaded vinyl.


Soundproof curtains and blinds are normally made from many layers of the heavy and thick stuff, which can be great in regards to acoustic direction.


Some of the simplest methods to decrease noise contamination is using bulk, and this can be true of drapes and dividers to a degree. The principal difficulty is that there is not enough mass to produce much difference.


Nevertheless, soundproof drapes and blinds continue to be very beneficial in a soundproof job. They are quite capable of lowering the design and reverberation of noise waves, therefore it is going to supply a large addition to the sound quality in your area.


This may have some influence on the quantity of sound that comes in via the window. Soundproof curtains and drapes may help deaden the sound to a point, therefore make the room look simpler, but they are technically not obstructing it.


Cellular Colors


Among the very best possibilities for soundproof dividers are mobile shades, which can also be referred to as honeycomb blinds. All these are created from tubes of hexagonal cloth that seem like a honeycomb, and also these pushes air in the blind. While they are mainly made to insulate heating, lots of the very exact principles operate for noise insulation also.


But, cellular colors still are not massively capable of solid insulating material, though some producers claim to decrease noise pollution by around 50 percent. Like I mentioned previously, windows are easily among the most difficult places in an area to soundproof, also in case you are seriously interested in it then you will want to locate a more powerful choice.


But do not completely dismiss soundproof blinds or drapes for your undertaking. If I had to pick between the two, I would recommend soundproof curtains since these are often thicker. This leaves them quite capable of treating acoustics inside the room, however, I would try something different if you are seeking to really soundproof your window.


The way to select the best soundproof drapes or blinds


The major thing that you ought to keep an eye out for when picking your soundproof curtains (link to Amazon) or dividers is that many are simply ordinary drapes or blinds. “Soundproof” is also a simple tag to use to some thick drapes or blinds, and lots of brands have not examined the sound transfer decrease amounts of their merchandise.


If you’re trying to find a soundproof curtain, then I would recommend purchasing from someplace having a good returns policy. It is ideal to gauge the grade of the substance in person prior to making your purchase, just since there are things to keep an eye out for.


The curtain’s cloth ought to be thick, closely woven, and so ought to be quite dense. This is also a good idea of soundproof blinds, but they are more inclined to be coated with a different material. Soundproof curtains, though, will most likely be a few layers of thick cloth.


Here would be my additional top tips for choosing the Perfect soundproof drapes:


  • – Make certain the soundproof drapes are several inches wider and longer than the window, even maybe floor-to-ceiling length.
  • – That is only because you would like to pay the window while using lots of additional fabric to make a good “seal” around the window. This will lessen noise canceling through the drape.
  • – If you’re able to afford it, then purchase 2 sets per pub. This may appear obvious, but it is a very simple way to include extra mass into the window.
  • – Utilize ceiling mount brackets rather than wall mounts for your drapes. Doing this will cause them to come considerably nearer to the ceiling, and which will block more noise.


Deciding on the best soundproof blinds is a little different. This is principal because they operate slightly differently, and can generally be thinner. Your initial beginning point ought to be to search for mobile colors or insulated dividers since these are the best starting point.


Consider after these additional tips also:


  • – Insulated dividers are a fantastic starting point and typically arrive in the kind of roller curtains. These can readily be mounted onto the ceiling.
  • – They generally have a lot of layers of cloth, such as thermal insulation. All this adds mass to the window.
  • – Your best starting points for soundproof dividers are thermal insulating material dividers or blackout blinds.
  • – It is more difficult to locate powerful soundproof blinds, therefore look closely at customer testimonials on sites, since these are your very best source of advice for successful blinds.


Another thing I would think about, either for drapes blinds or drapes, would be to create your own. Obviously, you are going to need to be handy with a needle and thread, however, it’s simple to update present drapes by adding extra stuff. This means that you can be smart in your decisions and may use compact substances.


But, irrespective of whether you decide on soundproof drapes or blinds, it is well worth remembering that is 100% successful. I would always pick drapes over dividers though since I find you’re able to do a lot more together.


Is it worth utilizing floral drapes at a soundproofing undertaking?


Although soundproof drapes nor drapes are soundproof space, they are still quite helpful for a soundproofing job. This is especially true of something such as a home theater or recording studio, so since you’ll still wish to handle the acoustics of this space.


Soundproof drapes and blinds are effective at lowering reverberation and echo, thus deadening sound. The thick and dense cloth of these soundproof drapes helps you to absorb noise, which can be true for either side of the drape.


So, though they do not technically jelqing, heavy drapes are reasonably good at lowering the total quantity of noise pollution that comes via the window. But, I discover they are especially useful since they are quite capable of treating acoustics inside the area.


Actually, in preceding soundproofing jobs, I have used soundproof drapes to cover walls and doors for precisely exactly the identical reason. Hanging them facing a door is really great for decreasing noise pollution, though it’ll never be really soundproof.


Though I really don’t find soundproof drapes are the very ideal alternative for soundproofing a window, so they are definitely valuable to own in your family room. Among the very best areas to utilize them the area is covering a doorway, as soundproof curtains are usually very long, therefore that they should have little trouble covering a doorway.


The major thing you are going to need to work out here is the way to suspend the curtain across the doorway. Again, I would advocate using ceiling-mounted brackets, even though a curtain railing can be simpler for closing and opening. Proceed with the choice that is most suitable for you, which may mostly rely on the door you are attempting to pay for.


Carpets and heavy curtains help to decrease reverberation not just since they are compact, but also due to their shape. This is only because they do not actually have any horizontal surfaces, therefore it is much tougher for the sound waves to bounce them off.


The perfect way to consider it would be to imagine you are playing music on your toilet. The noise is tinny and cloudy, which is only because the sound waves readily echo of their horizontal walls, along with the standard absence of furnishings in a toilet make this a lot simpler.


Now imagine listening to the exact identical music at a bedroom, or in a cupboard. From the cupboard, the audio will be a lot quieter, but much simpler to listen to. That is because the garments help absorb and deaden the noise waves, and that’s precisely what drapes do.


However, since I’ve said, drapes are not generally heavy enough to block audio. You would need quite thick drapes to really soundproof a window, which means they are more practical as acoustic therapy. If you are seeking to reignite a window, then you are going to need to try out something a little more extreme.


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Some final suggestions for soundproof drapes or blinds


I have recorded the tips on how to decide on the most effective soundproof drapes or blinds, however, there are tons of different facts to think about together with the drapes. By way of instance, there are different steps you can take that will help lessen overall sound contamination.


Just don’t forget, however, the only real way to really soundproof a window would be to eliminate it or construct a professional window created out of soundproof glass and the air pit. Both are fairly expensive options, however.


Rather, attempt to work on trying many things to decrease noise pollution, among which is to utilize soundproof drapes or blinds. Consider these additional hints to help make the work a great deal more successful.




  • – I would recommend replacing any older curtain railings with fresh ones for your soundproof drapes. Not only is that because they will most likely be much thicker, but you can find far better means of hanging drapes for soundproofing.
  • – Like I mentioned previously, the very perfect approach to hang them would be by the ceiling. This is also the case of soundproof dividers, that will normally be roller curtains.
  • – But if you are likely to utilize a curtain rail, then utilize a wrap-around a single. This is going to be the very best alternative for filling in any gaps around the window.
  • – Consider matching your drapes onto grommets if they are not already. These can be a lot better in supporting the burden of thick duty curtains.
  • – Vibration is not a huge problem with drapes, but filling some holes with acoustic is a very simple method to fully cut out this issue. If nothing else, this must prevent the drapes from rattling on the railing due to non-bass frequencies.
  • – Because soundproof drapes and blinds are often pretty hefty, I would recommend using another set of hands around throughout setup.




  • – The budget is obviously a significant element in almost any soundproofing project. Before placing your finances, do a fast search on Amazon to determine overall rates.
  • – When you have got the cash, look at picking a professional soundproofing brand new. Otherwise, do lots of searching around to get the best bargain on soundproof drapes or blinds.
  • – But do not blow a lot of your financial plan on drapes, as they are not the best thing on the planet.
  • – If you are on a tight budget for your entire job, look at producing your own curtains. It is going to be a lot cheaper to come across a couple of sets of thick drapes next hand than to purchase new soundproof drapes.
  • – Contemplate spending less soundproof drapes or blinds and utilize the money to try out a number of the additional soundproofing options given below. You’re likely going to find it far more powerful to diversify your choices instead.
  • – In case you’re searching for a powerful soundproofing alternative for recording studios, then I would recommend taking a look at professional acoustic therapy choices. All these, clearly, will be more costly.




  • – The color of your drapes or blinds may not be the largest thing in mind, and I would recommend keeping it like that.
  • – By inputting the soundproof curtains marketplace, you will automatically lower your choices for colors.
  • – Thus, I would recommend sticking to some neutral color or creating your own. This ought to provide you a whole lot more flexibility over color and fashion.
  • – Naturally, color doesn’t have any effect on soundproofing efficacy, therefore I would not place a lot of thought into it.
  • – The very best stuff to use are items such as lace or suede since these are fairly heavy substances by themselves. Blend this with a few financing layers, and you’re going to have fairly thick drapes.




  • – It is getting increasingly more common to come across cordless or snap-cord dividers, and such choices are finding their way to the soundproof blind marketplace also.
  • – Move for a few of those options when you have kids or pets at the house because this hugely decreases the threat of harm.
  • – Most Beautiful dividers can also be a blackout, therefore think about coupling using a Venetian blind should you still wish to allow light. But just remember that you will not be in a position to have lighting within the room plus also a soundproof window in precisely exactly the exact identical moment.
  • – Soundproof blinds will not ever actually be as powerful as soundproof drapes. If you would like to use dividers, I would always look at utilizing a pair of soundproof drapes on precisely exactly the exact identical window.


Additional soundproofing choices


  • – Attempt fitting weather stripping around your window, which is really created for heating insulation. However, as we all know, lots of the very exact fundamentals apply to soundproofing.
  • – Installing weather stripping across the window can help control the total quantity of sound which in fact comes from, and it can be much more powerful than attempting to block it using a curtain.
  • – The best alternative for soundproofing a window is to earn a removable window. This blocks the window up and maybe full of compact soundproof materials.
  • – Nevertheless, this is not the most sensible choice and will also totally block outside light coming to space. Nevertheless, it is sometimes a very beneficial choice for home performances or recording studios.
  • – Do not underestimate the quantity of sound that could float through small openings around the window. This is most likely a larger source of sound pollution than you could think.
  • – Apart from weather stripping, yet the other fantastic solution is acoustic, for example, Green Glue. Unlike ordinary siding, this really can be elastic, so deadens noise waves throughout its lack of shaking.
  • – Regardless of the kind of soundproof drapes or blinds you opt to purchase, I would recommend attempting to block sound pollution in the source also. The more you may block outside, the less you need to rely upon a pair of drapes to perform all of the work.




If it comes to what works best, soundproof drapes, or blinds, my own response could be curtains. This is just because they are thicker and a lot less difficult to pay for a window together using. But it is well worth mentioning that neither choice will really soundproof a window.


So, together with your own soundproof drapes, I would recommend trying quite a few additional soundproofing alternatives. It is recommended to get custom window treatments Los Angeles residents get for their home soundproofing needs. It is nearly impossible to soundproof a window, even however, so just keep in mind you’ll always be left with some amount of sound pollution.



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