Can You Recognize These Top 25 Sounds From RuneScape?

Mote Plox, an avid RuneScape gamer put together top 25 underground sounds from RuneScape. Can you recognize it? Sound effects in video and online games make gaming exciting. Below is a transcript from the video Mote Plox put together. Check out the video below.

Top 25 Recognizable RuneScape Game Sounds

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Here are the top 10 sounds that everyone immediately recognizes on RuneScape. Check out the video. It could really be fun because there are so many sounds in RuneScape. So I’ve decided to turn it into a top 25. Basically, after I’ve read the number of the countdown. I am going to just play the sound while the screen is black and I suppose you guys could guess on what you think it is or what you know it is and after that, I will reveal what it really is. After this video, I plan on working on the part of the lower video series and part one of the pre-first age will hopefully be released soon. Check out my channel from time to time. Let’s get the countdown started. In the video, the list is from the 25th down to the top sounds from RuneScape.

  1. The most iconic sound in RuneScape is a dragon and its breath.
  2. The sound of you showing respects to somebody after you’ve slaughtered them.
  3. The sound of fire-making.
  4. The sound that means you aren’t getting hacked today – the bank pins.
  5. The sound of you committing deforestation, it’s woodcutting
  6. That sounds mean you are a noob.
  7. The sound of your player crafting runes at one of the altars. This sound screams magical.
  8. The sound of you preparing for battle.
  9.  The sound you hear after slaughtering men and women where the doors open and close.
  10. It’s the sound of men and women in RuneScape being killed.
  11. The sound of potting up for a fight or just drinking beer.
  12. The sound of either being burnt from a shark or you successfully cooked your shrimps.
  13. The sound of a special attack from a dragon dagger.
  14. The sweet sound of leveling up a skill. This sound could never be a bad thing.
  15. The sound of transportation.
  16. The sound of Ice person and Ice Bridge. When you hear this sound, not even running can help you.
  17. The sound that denotes you are dead.
  18. The grunt sound is from your own player when you take damage. Listening to this sound can be the difference of living and dying in the game.
  19. The sound that means you run out of prayer points meaning sometimes you are screwed depending on who or what you are fighting.
  20. That sound is the end of a whip which means you are no longer a noob and can wreck.
  21. The sound of you dropping an item and picking it back up which are probably the oldest sound in the game.
  22. The sound of you failing at magic or winning if you are a splasher. And if you are the splasher this is probably one of the annoying sounds to you.
  23. The sound of the evil chicken Ranma Vent but it is also the sound you hear whenever you whack someone with a rubber chicken.
  24. Another sound everyone is extremely familiar with is the sound of murdering a goblin.
  25. The sound of the mining ores or whatever it is you are mining. This sound for many was one of the first few sounds ever heard in the game.


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