Cleaning With Music Increases Productivity

Many of us dread cleaning so we contract the services of professional cleaning providers (source: When it comes to cleaning, only a few enjoy it so much while others tend to busy themselves with other things or put off some chores just to avoid it, until they stockpile that they end up doing more chores.

Rather than procrastinating or postponing chores, make an attempt to make cleaning or doing household chores fun and easy by listening to upbeat music while you clean.

There are a lot of studies proving the beneficial effects of music particularly how it could impact a person’s emotions and mood, memory and learning, as well as on a person’s focus and productivity. However, when it comes to household chores becoming something pleasing with the help of music is a notable leap.

A new study by Jelmar discovered that 80% of Americans listen to music whilst cleaning. But, the lively beats of the music aren’t merely making time go faster as you do the scrubbing. 94% of these cleaners who listened to music as they clean reported a positive feeling. This positive feeling is associated to the fact that they were listening to music while they were cleaning. 66% also reported that they enjoyed their cleaning tasks because of music.

Commissioned by Jelmar, 1,051 American adults participated in the survey, wherein 844 of the participants characterized themselves as individuals who enjoy listening to music as they do household cleaning chores.

As per the survey:

  • Parents are 85% more inclined to be musical cleaners, set against 77% of non-parents
  • 92% of musical cleaners are below 40 years of age
  • 52% of musical cleaners reported that either they have a specific music for cleaning, or that music is an essential component to their cleaning routine.
  • Parents who listen to music as they clean are 33% more likely to persuade their children or members of the household to help in the cleaning
  • In terms of which cleaning task is best carried out while jamming to music, almost every musical cleaners reported to have one cleaning task that was most pleasingly and enjoyably done with music: 67% said kitchen cleaning tasks, while 66% said floor cleaning tasks.


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