How Lighting and Sound Lead to Great Ambiance

Definition of Ambiance

Ambiance is defined as how a certain place or area feels when you are in it. The word ambiance is mostly used in theater production because it is very crucial. The mood of the audience will depend on how the production team set the ambiance. One of the common ways to set a production’s ambiance is experimenting the lights and sounds. A certain scene, for example, can be more powerful and convincing when the light especially sounds are on point. Emotional attachment of the audience will be made possible with these tools.

Another example on how lights and music can can make a huge impact on a show is when you are doing an action-themed play. Of course you will no use a music that is light especially when the scene is on fire. The appropriate music for that is more of a loud and suspense one. You do not use light and chill music or sound effects for that. Basically the emotions the audience must have is not joy but fear and excitement.

When it comes to lighting, you will notice that most event/production venues have different lights that usually come from Online lighting. This is because lighting helps in the establishment of a certain mood, together with music. Using the example above, if the show is more of action, then the lighting must not be very bright and bubbly, it should be quite dim and the colors should be dark to establish a strong scene. With lighting you must decide whether the face of the actors should be focused or shadowed?

How Lighting and Sound Can Be a Solution in Solving Major Problems

Most of us are probably familiar with the production Les Miserable. The movie is far way different than the production because most scenes are not feasible to do on stage such as the sewers scene where Jean is passing through it. This is where lighting takes place. It can be use to project the set in to the floor. It will add up to the establishment of mood and emotions. For the sound, echoes and pouring water and used.

These are just some ways on how you can take advantage of music and sound when it comes to establishing mood and ambiance. Do not ever be afraid to explore and experiment with it.


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