Listening To Music: Amazing Benefits

Are you aware that music is important to humans? The earliest instruments found are 35,000 years old – bone flutes.

Why listen to music more?

Music makes you happier.

When you hear those you like, the brain releases dopamine, the drug in the body. After 15 minutes of listening to your favorite music, the dopamine level rose considerably, and with it the feeling of happiness and joyful excitement. So it doesn’t always have to be coke or an antidepressant when you’re in a bad mood.

Music makes you do better when you run
With fast, motivating music, the examined runners reached the finish line faster on an 800-meter course than with slower or no music.

Music heals
Above all, because the stress hormone cortisol is broken down in the process makes your soul and body sick. Just listening strengthens the immune system. The effect is strongest when you are playing music yourself or at least tapping your foot to it, being physically involved.

Music makes you sleep better
If you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, become a human roller in bed, try classical music.

Music relieves depression
Listening to classical music in the evening not only improves sleep, but it also reduces symptoms of depression. So if you got issues with your Guaranteed rent properties, listening to calming music can help you relax.

Music helps you lose weight
If you listen to soft music with your meal, you will eat fewer calories and enjoy it more.

Music makes you drive better
Better in the sense of safer driving because it lifts the mood and makes it more balanced.

Music lets you learn better
Persons who were supposed to memorize Japanese characters were able to remember them better if they listened to the music and found the music to be positive.

Music relaxes patients before and after operations
They are less anxious – even less anxious than if they were taking the medication midazolam, which is often given to relax before surgery. Even applies to open-heart surgery.

Other advantages of listening to music

  • Music relieves pain
  • Music helps Alzheimer’s patients remember
  • Music regenerates after a stroke
  • Music improves verbal intelligence
  • Music increases IQ and academic performance
  • Music keeps the brain fit as we get older

So it’s much more than just music that comes out of the speakers and headphones.


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