Music May Help Keep Your Cardiovascular System in Tune

Music May Help Keep Your Cardiovascular System in Tune

A greenhorn study now adds cardiovascular health to the list of music’s potential benefits, suggesting it can directly trigger physiological changes that modulate force per unit area, heart rate, and respiration. Bernardi and his colleagues had previously found that changes within the cardiovascular and respiratory systems mirrored musical tempo.

Connie Tomaino, the manager, and co-founder of the Institute for Music and Neurological Function within the long island City has seen evidence of this mechanism in her own clinical practice. “The study hints at the likelihood that variety of those entrainment mechanisms act at the subconscious level,” Tomaino says.

Bernardi’s study is restricted by the little sample size and uniformity between participantsā€”all were healthy Caucasians between the ages of 24 and 26. The authors suggest further research is required to substantiate and generalize their findings to the broader population and to other types of music. She points to a paper published earlier this year that found a developing fetus is already equipped with the ability to inform apart changes in sound patterns, presumably so on interpret and learn from the world around them. So, scaramouch, do the fandango.



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