Read this before Opening Your Musical Instrument Shop

Musical instrument stores are selling both used and brand new instruments. They are offering instruments that are used in traditional music like percussion, brass, string and wind instruments. Then again, there are other stores that are offering electronic keyboards, classical grand pianos and upright pianos. You may even see some stores selling musical instruments for rock bands like bass guitars, drum kits and guitars either electric, acoustic or both.

In most cases, these stores also offer sound equipment like amplifiers, speakers, microphones and mixing consoles. Basically, musical instrument stores are your one-stop shop for all your needs.

On the other hand, if you personally want to open your very own musical instrument store, whether because music is your passion, you want to apply what you have learned from business school or from accounts project class 12, then you need to do certain things first.

Business Plan

Among the things that you have to execute is none other than securing a business plan. Basically, having a clear plan for your business would be vital for the success of your business. This is going to assist you in mapping out specifics of your business while discovering stuff you don’t know you should be concerned about.

When working on your business plan, there are few things you must clear out like:

  • Cost it will incur for startup as well as the ongoing cost
  • Your target audience
  • How long would it take you to breakeven?

How such Stores are Generating Profits?

Truth is, retail musical instrument shop is buying their products at wholesale price and then, making markups for the products by an average of 40 percent.

To give you an example, the cost of a high-quality guitar may be at 300 dollars. Following the 40 percent markup rule, the store will be selling 420 dollars in the instrument and instantly generates 120 dollars in profit.

Make Your Store more Profitable

It is imperative that you separate your store from the bigger and known chains. A way of doing this is by offering rare items or vintage instruments. If you are not into it, then you may launch an online store that allows the sale of your products either by pickup or delivery.


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