Repairing Vocal Damage

Repairing Vocal Damage

In order to recover your voice and repair it, you first need to know what damaged it. Misuse, overuse, and abuse are the top causes why a voice is damaged. What can you do about it?

  1. Know the limit of your voice. Speaking close to people is one of the remedies, but what can you do if  for example, your job requires you to speak or talk and use effortful voice? After using your voice in a not so normal range, make sure to rest for hours before you use it again in the same way. You can still talk after but make sure to reduce it even if you are going to use the normal range. Again, abuse is one of the causes why your vocal cords are damaged. Make it an effort to have a limit since it is necessary.
  2. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water. Lukewarm will work better. Avoid drinking cold fluids after hours of talking. You might lose your voice if you do it.
  3. Learn some facial or mouth exercise. It works. Aside from the usual physical activity or workout you are possibly doing, facial and mouth exercise will be a big help for your voice and vocal cords.
  4. Eat right. Your diet will also help in maintaining your voice. Especially if you are a singer and belting, you should totally avoid sweets and cold drinks. This will definitely ruin your voice.
  5. Breathing exercise should also be considered. Singers will always do some before and after rehearsing and performing. This allows the voice and the cords to rest and relax even during a performance. If proper breathing exercise will be followed, misuse of your voice can also be prevented.

These are just some of the things you can do to take care of your voice and have it repair. Fixing vocal damage is not as easy as Sprinkler Repair. You really have to exert so much effort to heal and get it back to normal.


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