Singers Need More Water Than The Average While Performing

Dr. Ron Scherer lets his students clap their hands and the result – there is a slight tingling. Then he asked them to clap their hands again with soapy water and there was no stinging. He explains that when you sing, your vocal cords are basically like clapping. That’s why a singer requires some kind of mat in between the pleats by applying a layer of beautiful mucus on the vocal cords. This layer will need an adequate amount of hydration if you are apt for a singing battle.

“If you don’t have enough water, the vocal cords will be agitated more rapidly, causing swelling and redness. For doctors, this is referred to as “predisposing conditions” – more likely to cause vocal cord changes and problems.”

Therefore, insufficient consumption of water is definitely not suitable for singers. In that regard, singers who are performing will have to have labeled bottled water at their side to stay hydrated.

A vocal coach added: “Perhaps you don’t worry about being ideal; you could still do a performance. However why not try to achieve your best performance?”

How much water should singers be taking in?

The majority of specialists suggest 6 to 8 portions of drinking water each day, however there is absolutely no magic amount.

Our body is unique from the other and our glands work in different ways. In general, Scherer says, “The more water you use, the more you need to consume to maintain a good balance.”

Performers burn up more water when they are perspiring throughout shows, or simply just doing work in a hot and dry place. Dehydration is very easy even without realizing it.

Speech Therapists encourages performers especially singers not to hang on for the next set before drinking a glass of water. “Water ought not to be drank all together like a punishment but sipped all through the day and through the overall performance”.

Don’t be concerned with regards to the precise quantity of water you drink – worry that it is not good for your health. Keep six to eight glasses each day, but modify it when you need to go to performances. Drink water as often as you can and don’t wait until you are dead thirsty.


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