Why getting chills when listening to music

Why getting chills when listening to music

We all know that moment when we’re within the car, at a concert, or perhaps sitting on our sofa and one among our favorite songs is played. it is the one that has that actually good chord in it, flooding your system with pleasurable emotions, joyful memories, making your hair stand edgy, and even sending a shiver or “chill” down your spine. About 1/2 of people get chills when taking note of music.

When the participants experienced a chill, Chabin saw specific electrical activity within the orbitofrontal cortex (a region involved in emotional processing), the supplementary cortical region (a mid-brain region involved in movement control), and therefore the right lobe (a region on the correct side of the brain involved in auditory processing and musical appreciation).

This ancestral function may belong to the amount of your time we spend in anticipation of the “chill-inducing” part of the music. As we wait, our brains are busy predicting the long run and release dopamine. Evolutionarily speaking, having the ability to predict what is going to happen next is important for survival.



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