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Buy musical instruments online so you can have a say in the thesis that making music makes you smart, especially when you use Shopmatey to make your shopping experience better. For many years, research has been trying to find out connections between intelligence and certain activities.

Especially when it comes to music, scientists have always been arguing. One question is particularly crucial: Does making music make you smart or do smart people simply prefer to make music? The eternal question of which came first, the chicken or the egg…

Disagreement in research

In 1993, the American psychologist named Frances H. Rauscher repeatedly put forward the thesis that listening to Mozart made her students better. This phenomenon is known as the “Mozart effect”. But there is a lack of sustainable evidence of this thesis. Since then, scientists have repeatedly claimed that music can form memory, increase intelligence, and even improve speech ability. In the meantime, however, this has been relativized, as there are said to have been errors in the investigations at that time. However, it is still undisputed that making music has positive effects on the development of a person. Whether the simple listening is already sufficient, is still unclear.

New food for the debate was provided by Irma Järvelä, who belongs to a team of researchers from Finland. She studied the effects on the human brain. The result in 2015 was that by listening to a concert by Mozart, the expression of some genes was increased, while others were lowered. This study found that cognitive abilities such as memories or learning ability can be increased. However, it is unclear whether this positive effect can also be observed in other music genres, or whether this is only possible for classical music.


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Especially children learn by making music

In one area, everyone agrees that making music trains certain skills. Just as it is when learning languages or other crafts, playing music can also increase motor skills and, above all, concentration and self-discipline. Especially in children, making music has a positive effect on development. The brain becomes more powerful when it learns this new skill. In addition, the musician benefits from the self-imposed discipline, as he completely devotes himself to a thing and focuses his concentration fully on playing music for a certain period of time. Since most instruments require several trains of thought to be carried out at the same time, the child also learns the multitasking ability.

Of course, all these positive effects also occur in adults, but it is much easier for children from a certain age to learn these things fresh. Therefore, no one seriously questions that making music in childhood is beneficial. According to a Swiss psychologist, mental agility and having to adjust to the next thought and step in one fell swoop can even increase IQ.

Those who constantly use and train their brain logically create more and more space for new knowledge and new skills. Dr. Wilfried Gruhn, a music teacher from Freiburg, emphasizes this thesis that music is a very helpful trainer for the human brain. In short, he considers making music to be an excellent way to learn. Because anyone who makes music challenges his brain in a very complex way. This, in turn, promotes mental development. Parents should therefore not hesitate to introduce their child to a musical instrument. At the same time, you can also learn a new instrument yourself, because adults also benefit from making music. Implement your project immediately, with us buying musical instruments online is very easy!



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