A Way for Musician to Grow Fan Base (Perfect for Beginners)

Social media has now become of the marketing mediums for promoting and advertising. In fact, there are many services that can be used today offering to manage social media accounts and boost engagement such as https://managergram.com/.

And for musicians, taking advantage of such services is a big help. This will jumpstart their career especially in getting understanding of their fan-base, making public announcements of their upcoming events and build one-of-a-kind branding for themselves. These days, Instagram without a doubt carries the biggest marketing potential and there are a number of proven techniques to acquire bigger following.

As mentioned, you can use professional’s service or, you can do this organically by doing the 3 tips below.

Content Matters

You have to ensure that whatever it is you are posting has good quality and at the same time, can benefit or bring something interesting to the readers. Whenever a potential follower has come across to your photo, you have to be certain that what it is they are seeing is visually engaging. Thus, convincing them to visit your profile.

Captions or description on your photos must be equally interesting as well. This is yet another factor in creating an impact to your profile as they visit. Try to be creative as much as you can.

Friendly reminder: Avoid putting URLs to your captions and keep it clean.

Consistency All Throughout

When it comes to gaining new followers, it is imperative to be consistent in whatever it is you are doing. It is highly recommended to post content several times in a week. It’s been proven that posting on Instagram frequently likely attracts bigger following. On the other hand, you have to take into consideration that there’s a fine line between being active and “too” active.

A basic tip to remember is to not to post multiple times… in a day! Doing so would not create engagement though, annoyance on your followers.

Be Discoverable

Whether you believe it or not, Hashtags or # play a critical role in obtaining new followers. The content showing on every IG account’s Explore page is somehow determined by hashtags that are related to the user’s timeline. This makes it more important to choose your hashtags that’s in relation to your follower’s interests.


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