The significance of music

You encounter music everywhere in everyday life, whether in the department store, on YouTube or in the cinema, without music life is unimaginable for many people.


Part of the culture


Music has been part of culture since time immemorial. Because wherever music is played, people come together. Researchers found out that instruments were carved out of wood and melodies were played on them as early as the Stone Age. Making music is one of the oldest forms of human communication. Music has also been used when hunting or removing wildlife like bats.

Strengthens the sense of community

Singing together promotes not only health but also a feeling of togetherness. This can create a very special harmony and group dynamic between people. Whether around the campfire or in a choir, making music together welds people together across cultures and can even have an integrative effect.


Good for the soul

Music can be used in therapy or as an aid against depression. The sense of hearing is closely linked to the limbic system that is responsible for processing emotions. This allows music to have a particularly powerful effect and cause both positive psychological and biophysical stimulation. With these properties, music is used as a supplement to healing in music therapy.


Brings goosebumps

Music can trigger emotions. Films and series have recognized this and use film music to influence viewers. Films, in particular, can therefore give people goosebumps in, particularly poignant or heroic moments. This means that a film is perceived much more intensely.

Is used universally

Music is not only used in the film, but also in many other areas of society.

  • Music in film: cinema, TV and series
  • Commercial music: subliminal and manipulative music as background music for image films, commercials or advertising films
  • As video game music for mobile games, PC and console games
  • In social media: For example, as background music for YouTube, Instagram or Twitch videos.
  • In therapy and early childhood education.
  • YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Twitch streams, or even podcasts.
  • As elevator music in waiting rooms, in corridors or in the elevator.
  • Sometimes music can be used for political statements or with the help of binaural beats for manipulation.
  • Other uses – as background music for gastronomy, weddings, events, in shops, or at events

Music is so important because it has accompanied humanity for thousands of years and is an integral part of our culture. Whether for entertainment purposes, for group bonding or for therapy, music is a universal language and for many a possibility to draw strength and energy.


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