Music of the Wildlife, Music for Life

Due to the existence of technology, improvement in the field of cameras has taken place over and over. But, thanks to modernization as trail cameras like the moultrie game cameras bring us closer to the world of the wilderness. Because of their function of bringing us closer to the life in the wild, our awareness of the wildlife existence also arise. Moreover, this leads us to appreciate the real beauty of the natural world represented by music in various ways.


How the Wildlife is Reflected by Music


Life in the wilderness is very much appreciated by humans through our acceptance and love of music. Here are ways on how music reflects wildlife.

1. Music that utilizes animal songs
2. Recognizes the music-like characteristics of an animal song
3. Research about the connection of animal songs and music


Song representation


Even in the historical times, animal songs are utilized and incorporated in human music as part of cultures. In fact, the rural cultures have given emphasis to animal songs.

Animal songs were precisely imitated by the rural culture thus, creating music typically for the purpose of animal interaction.


Animal songs in the Western classical music were somehow stylised. It even comes to the point that they are not being able to recognized.



It was during this time that the bird songs were being utilized frequently for symbolic purposes. For example, the song of the nightingale emblems faithfulness and purity. On the other hand, the song of the cuckoo means deception.


The resemblance of animal songs during this period are used as a cause of humour. However, romantic composers reason in utilizing the sounds of the animals is primarily to induce the idea of pastoral.


Audible and Social Resemblance

It is already a norm in the music industry that animal sounds had been mimic and finding music inspiration in nature. This is because numbers of animal sounds are closely similar to music of humans when it comes to timbre, pitch option, and rhythm which for us are all musical. Examples of which are the sounds of the hermits, humpback whales, and parrots to name a few.


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