Preparing for Paintball Battle – Turn that Music On

When you are looking for exciting and more fun activities, then paintball is the best for you. But, the players need to be quick, smart, and vigilant. However, in order to get the players ready and be in the mood for this battle, music can be of great help to set you in.

Basically, music stimulates a certain part of our brain to set us to be in the mood. Just like other sports and activities, paintball is more exciting to play in with a certain sound effect. Aside from the sound of the paintball hoppers that can be purchased via, it is enticing if paintball arena is surrounded with music.

Great music will help you switch your mode.

With a crackling sound effects around, definitely players will start to rush in to the paintball arena. This is a good marketing strategy to paintball sports business.

Music Playlist for Paintball Battle

Like in several movies, there are also some musical tracks that can be suitable in playing paintball. It doesn’t matter if it is classical, rock, jazz or whatever genre, what’s important is that it can enhance the player’s mood. Below are some songs that from different genres that certainly suites well with paintball sports. This is as helpful as learning new musical instrument this 2019.

How You Like ‘Paintball’ Now

Way back 2009, the song How You Like Me Now by The Heavy was released. It was then that the song was used as soundtracks and was featured in different movies like “This Means War”, “Horrible Bosses”, and “Transporter Refueled”. It was even used in “The Ted”. In addition, this song was also used by Newt Gingrich, a Republican Presidential candidate.

Paintball Explode

The Bond group releases a track in 2004 entitled the Explosive. This song will create your heart pounding because of the increasing tempo.

Let their bodies smash the floor

The song Bodies, popularized by the Drowning Pool in 2001, is pretty much applicable for every players dropping their bodies to the ground. This metallic song was used as sound track of “Jason X”. Moreover, it was also used in the trailer of “The Punisher”.

Welcome to the ‘Paintball’ Battle

The song of Axl Rose Welcome to the Jungle is also a perfect song match in a paintball arena. The song featured by Guns n’ Roses in 1987 would make you feel like in a roller coaster ride.

Down with the Sickness in Paintball Battle

The song Down with the Sickness that was released in 2000 would make us feel very determined to hit some ass as listening to this song inside the paintball arena. This song would make us energized and crave for more action during the paintball playoff.


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