Simple Tips to Successfully Promote Music Video in YouTube or other Social Media

After putting countless hours working on your project, you’ve finally wrapped up on your music video. Seem to be an early celebration. However, there’s always the chance for any quality music video to break the internet and go viral. Though, that chance can be slim to none if you are not backed by a proper marketing strategy.

Fortunately, you can get the organic promotions you need to make your video make the most reach by using the services provided by Fans Plug. However, if you don’t have the budget yet to pay for such service, don’t lose hope that quickly. Of course, there are other things that you could do to make everything work.

SEO of Music Video should be On-Point

In the event that the music video is released on your YouTube Channel, see to it that it is well optimized. Optimization serves as the key to maximize its discoverability. In other words, make sure that the Description and Title, category, and tagging of your video are correct and eye-catching. Avoid using misleading thumbnail too.

Partner with Music Blogs

With regards to connecting with blogs to have your work featured, you have to compose a professional email and also, keep it concise. A lot of editors are getting hundreds of emails on a daily basis from artists, their management and fans.

Don’t expect them to spend a few minutes of their time just reading your pitch. Instead, try to be creative and thoughtful and of course, direct to the point to persuade the editors.

Share it Everywhere

It goes without saying that sharing the music video on various social media platforms is a must. Therefore, encouraging your close friends and family as well as colleagues in doing the same can do a lot. Utilize engaging post descriptions and also, call-to-actions to get attract people in watching the video. Above everything else, have something on it that would want them to share it in their network.

Remember, the more people who see and know more about your presence, the higher your chances of expanding your fan base. Obviously, it’s a great thing cause gradually, you are working your way to success.


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