Storing and Packing Drum Set the Easy Way

Do you happen to know a drummer who is with a touring band? If so, try asking them their thoughts about packing their drum set between travel sessions. For sure, it is one of the least favourite activities that they’ve been on. Good thing is, you just have your drums at home and have to put it in a storage when you don’t need it or when you are planning to move to a new area and just want to ensure that it is stored properly.

What to Do in Keeping Your Drum Set Safe?

To be certain that you have your drum set stored perfectly, then the following are something you must be mindful about.


When packed right, drum set does not take much space in the room. As a matter of fact, you only need a large, sturdy box for your drums and it must be set. It has to be around 2 inches bigger than your bass drum at all sides.

After that, you need padded cases for the cymbal stands as well as cymbals, which you must have already since this comes with your cymbals upon purchase. In case you have thrown it away for some reasons, there are many stores online and local music stores too that sell this kind of stuff. Also for your pedals, you need a small box. Other packing materials that will be needed are bubble wrap with smaller bubbles, bubble wrap with large bubbles, labels, packing tape, sharpie, packing paper or foam peanuts.

Once you secured everything, you can now send your drum set in self storage Brighton.

Disassembling Your Set

With all the packing supplies available, you have to disassemble your drum set. Put all the small parts inside plastic bags. You might want to put every part in its own bag or if you know where every part belongs to, you can just put them in one bag. If you are using individual bag method, then put a label sticker for each and use a sharpie to label it. This is going to help you for easy identification when you are about to use your drum set again.


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