Submit Your Music Track To Spotify Directly

Do you know that there’s a public program that can recommend unreleased songs to the editorial team of Spotify?

You will no longer need to look for concealed web forms, look for contacts for the direct email, or seek advice from old runestones in order to send forthcoming releases to the internal editorial team at Spotify for your playlist to be considered. If you are already on Spotify, you may also want to consider third-party apps that can help you buy Spotify followers to boost your presence on the music platform.

Getting Your Music On Spotify

Spotify reported a more formal and transparent playlist submission process. This can be done by using your account at “Spotify for Artists” right until your music is released and will be found on Spotify.

Important Note – You must already have music on Spotify in order to have a “Spotify for Artists” account. This suggests that you cannot utilize this direct submission procedure on the first release.

Unlisted tracks must have already been sent to Spotify to be able to submit songs to the Spotify team. The playlist submission process has to be completed seven days prior to the launch date.

crucial facts to know regarding Spotify’s submission process:

  • You still need to have distribution; it is not the process of sending music to Spotify but an important factor to draw Spotify’s attention to what has recently been sent to their system.
  • You may only send 1 unreleased track each time for consideration to the playlist; when the song drops, you may then send one more unreleased music.
  • Sending a piece of unreleased music to be considered likewise ensures that your supporters on Spotify could have the song included in their tailored Release Radar playlists, supposing they already have not listened to the song on that week.
  • Spotify would like DATA to enable them to match the perfect songs to the proper playlists.

It is essential to provide as many details for the music track as is possible. Styles, moods, and various other data features all help the team make a decision. Be mindful with deciding on a cover as well as the culture where the song is best suited. The information you reveal is placed together with what we know already, from what your fans prefer to listen to, what other playlists you’ve been on, and so on

  • You may only send music coming from your desktop. The process of submission is not going to work with on the Spotify for Artists mobile version. The song must be submitted at least 7 days before the release. It is better to give more lead time to Spotify so make your plans ahead of time.
  • You can not send music that’s already released. This is free and there is no way to pay to better your chances for placement.


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