The Difference Music Makes In Sports or Video Games

Given that different sports enthusiasts have varying preferences for music, inclinations to listening to music while engaged in sports activity also varies. While some tend to be distracted when music plays in the background, others take to music as an experience-enriching element.

Archery enthusiasts for one are more likely to profess a liking to hear archery-related music while practice-shooting, but only if the shooting range allows the wearing of earphones. Let it be known that listening to instructions without any distractions, particularly among neophytes, is an important condition. Nonetheless, some shooting ranges have pipe-in audio systems that play background music, at a volume that still allows instructions to be heard.

All things considered and when in their own turf, most archery buffs listen to music while practicing their skills at arrow- shooting. While a young female archer would listen to the “Brave” soundtrack when taking careful aim with her bow and arrow, the most popular music played by many archery aficionados are soundtracks from the Skyrim video game.

Apparently, some gamers were inspired to take on archery as a physical activity, while taking on battles as archer warriors in Skyrim’s realms.

After all, aside from having a broad selection of archer builds, of which the five most popular are the Nightingale, Assassin, Stealth, Ranger and Rogue Archers, Skyrim also offers different audio modifications or mods that allow video gamers to change the game’s soundtracks and/or sound effects.

Technically, game developer Bethesda Studios, call the audio mods AOS or Audio Overhaul for Skyrim. The AOS enables video gamers to make the soundscape more responsive, immersive and of course more enjoyable, while ensuring optimum compatibility, coherency and performance with the main game.

Best Examples of AOS or Skyrim Audio Mods

Below are three examples of AOS that can dramatically enhance players’ gaming experience.

Immersive Music – This mod adds hours of folklore-inspired music often chosen by Skyrim players who got tired of listening repeatedly to the same soundtracks as they venture in outdoor explorations, hide in dungeons and even while engaged in fierce battles.

Sounds Of Skyrim – Complete Edition – Regarded as the most immersive of Skyrim mods, it injects voices, sound effects and soundscape tones that can make atmospheric sounds in dungeons, in wilderness and in towns more realistic.

Immersive Sounds Compendium is described as a powerful mod that focuses in injecting greater realism to the game’s major sound effects.

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