The Link Between Music And Fashion

To be motivated by music to create your own brand such as the Milan Clothing is proof that there is a strong connection between music and fashion. They both are art forms that promote and encourage self-expression and together can create history, a memoir, a frenzy, or a completely new kind of popular trend. For instance, musicians every so often manage to influence their fans. Fans, on the other hand, tend to follow their favorite musicians from the kind of songs they make to the way they dress up.

This link between music and fashion had been around for many years. For decades, music has inspired fashion and is still creating an impact on the trends today. London, one of the largest fashion capitals in the globe was greatly influenced by the Beatles in the 60s. The hippie look also came into being during the 60s until the 70s when David Bowie made Glam Rock popular. The 80s was one of the most unusual years where music has greatly influenced fashion. In the 90s, vintage grunge came to life along with hip-hop where sagging clothes are a thing.

Musicians frequently create diverse outfits for themselves to wear on stage. It is basically a need for musicians to create a strong, creative and unique style. This style they create make themselves stand out and be different from other musicians and at the same time make them look great for a record deal. This fashion they create is also a brilliant promotional technique. The more likable and enthralling a musician’s outfit is the more probability of fans to check out and listen to their music.

Since musicians are able to influence people, fashion brand owners take this opportunity to promote and market their products such as hats, shoes, pieces of jewelry, and make-up. They collaborate with musicians by asking them to wear their products and even offer them an endorsement deal.

Bottom line is, music will continually leave a mark on fashion trends. However, we have the freedom to choose which music we listen to and which fashion trends appeal to us.


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