New Technology Allows Swimmers To Enjoy Music Underwater

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New water-resistant gadgets are being introduced for swimmers. These days there are not only safety devices being developed for swimming pools, now you can find devices that can actually protect your gadgets while in the water. Now you can enjoy music while spending time in the water with family and friends. No need to worry that your phone or iPod is going to be damaged by water.

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All workout is repetitious and also a little bit boring

We all know that swimming is the supreme, all-around health and fitness activity. When swimming, all the body’s major muscle groups are working and therefore building strength in the process. Swimming has little effect on your joints and can also burn off as many calories as compared to running. Yet why does swimming become so boring if it is, in fact, bringing us so many benefits?

All workout is repetitious and also a little bit boring. That is why many gyms these days are designed to be more entertaining with loud music, fast and energetic sounds, complete with iPod docks, and other accessories for gym members to lose track of time while working on various machines.

Right up until not long ago, there was clearly no real technology to entertain those who keep fit in the water. The main reason is that electronic devices are not really fit in the water and if there’s something created for water, it could be a way to expensive. And swimmers on the other hand sometimes lost interest in their routines not because of exhaustion but really because of boredom.

music is a powerful distraction for swimming athletes

Based on clinical athletics psychologist, Dr. Carol Seheult, the key to keeping up with an athlete’s routine is a distraction. If a swimmer finds himself bored swimming at repetitive lengths, music is a powerful distraction to rekindle the swimmer’s interest. Comedian David Walliams admitted that he was able to swim the English channel with music in his mind. He thought only of music while swimming his way to the finish.

In this light, the introduction of high technology waterproof gadgets that allows iPod into a tightly secured armband. You can listen to music while underwater using waterproof headsets. This technology is just so cool. This is just the beginning. We are looking into a future where new technology will finally emerge to provide swimmers the right gadget to keep them entertained while submerged in water.


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