The Advantages of Playing Music in Your Restaurant

For several time, individuals have used to mixing food with music. Artists delivered during dinner people in Roman times, and minstrels inspired dining customers at ancient banquets. In the present times, musical harmony while eating is much more popular, and the music sounded more different, than ever before. If you run a hospitality company– no matter whether it is a great dining establishment, a hip bar or a comfy café – you already know it: music performs an essential part in the retail mix.

1. Music produces the atmosphere

Music is an essential element when it comes to establishing the ambiance. The perfect tunes help keep your messaging steady, complementing your branding and blending with your image and décor. Loudness is important: when the music is heavy, your guests will not be able to talk properly and will begin consuming more, according to science. A welcome result if you run a bar or club – but really unadvisable if you maintain a fine dining or family-oriented establishment.

2. Rhythm and volume impact the flavor of food

The song you play can make your meals taste more yummy. Studies show the effect of music on the feed for years and discovered that playing low-pitch music while eating makes delicious dishes taste even more tasteful; conversely, high-pitch songs improve sweet flavors. The volume is also important: when the background sound is too loud, it destroys our sense of taste making food and drinks taste unflavorful. Sometimes, even those beta glucan food sources will taste good.

3. good music can make the waiting time more comfortable

As per researches, music can make waiting feel less uncomfortable. Waiting customers don’t become as anxious and worried if there are great, relaxing tunes playing in the background. Maybe counterintuitively, dull music has been found to make time go by time pass faster compared to uptempo music. If you operate a busy café, make sure to begin the day playing pleasant, slow music, to renew your guests’ mood as they queue for their day coffee.


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