What Exactly is the Use for Equalizers?

Equalizers can either be a hardware or software that is programmed to filter the loudness of specific frequencies. Just as with sound engineering, the basis will always be human ears. There are some frequencies that are louder compared to others to the ear despite having the same or having more energy behind it.

The capability of the human ear’s range is approximately 20 to 20,000 Hz and the closer we exceed or approach, the softer it sounds. Combined with the fact that our rooms, speakers and cars come in different sizes, configurations and shapes, the same note from an instrument may sound totally different, let alone an entire song. Basically car write for us has a content specifically for how sounds are in vehicles. If you have a car and want to optimize it, that can help a lot.

The Primary Purpose of an Equalizer

Equalizers were developed originally for physical venues similar to outdoor areas as well as movie theaters. These are basically places that are not specifically given much thought of the acoustics. With an equalizer, it can help in equalizing the sound frequencies in the place.

To give you an example, there are venues that are responding better to the frequencies of bass and thus, the equalizer or EQ may be turned down on to that particular end in an effort to avoid feedback and also, to slightly turn up the higher end.

This as a result would level things out. Generally speaking, you are equalizing for physical space to be able to account for a certain combination of equipment.

Equalizers for Daily Use

Average users may take advantage of EQs not just in adjusting the deficiencies in their sounds but also, for aesthetic applications too. Let us use cars for instance. You basically cannot change how sound travels much apart from the speaker fading and balance. It is impossible to move speakers to a better location or even change the seat’s layout because it is fixed.

With such, using an equalizer can help in strengthening and lessening specific frequency range inside your car. This will then give you a better and more pleasurable listening experience.


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